Looking for:

Dynamic personalities...

As interested as they are interesting,

less traveled, but willing to take a world adventure.

Someone who would make a colorful character on television.

A dreamer or a doer with passion, heart and an amazing story ready to be told.

Someone who can speak to their heritage & traditions & appreciate modernity as well.

The kind of person who might be a great inspiration to others.

Is that YOU?

Twenty-one dynamic, young, potential leaders from seven continents

to be chosen spring of 2010 as a random act of possibilities...

each one brings an amazing background story of heart &

passion that can transform a world of indifference.

Coming from countries in conflict & G8 nations,

they are given a chance to entertain

the big picture, hitchhike the

planet and become...

one of

* We are currently accepting applications. Please complete the pdf application above and fax or email to CastingDirector@crossingborders.tv. Deadline to apply is March 1, 2010.

Name: Hananel - Singer
Israel 1985Name: Camille - Singer, Keyboard, Musical Playwrigh
Born: New Jersey, USA 1989

Name: Blaire - Singer
Born: California USA 1984

Name: Marco - Singer, Guitarist, 
Piano, Drums
Born: Venezuela 1982

Name: Abdullah - Singer
Born: Pakistan 1987
Name: Shaharyar - Bass guitar, Singer
Born: Lahore, Pakistan 1986

Name: Elena - Pianist, Singer, Songwriter
Born: Kursk, Russia 1988

Name: Ekhlas - Tableh (Arab drum)
Born: Lod, Israel 1985

Name: Nathan - Singer, Songwriter,
guitarist, pianist
Born: Arizona, USA 1982

Name: Nathan - Singer, Songwriter,
guitarist, pianist
Born: Arizona, USA 1982